Dr. Denise Enete
Dr. Denise

Dr. Denise is a Christian Psynchologist who has dedicated her time to help people develop Desire-led times with God.

private practice

Dr. Denise has been counseling since 1994 and had a private clinical practice in Seal Beach. Her specialty was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and she saw individuals, couples, and families.

She worked primarily with anger management, depression, and anxiety. She has special certification in anger management and visualization techniques.

Her specialty is to integrate Biblical principles with principles of good mental health.

She closed her private practice in 2005 to pursue the Wave Study Bible® ministry with Dr. Noel full-time.


Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul

One of Dr. Denise's stories was published in Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul.

Flicker Bible Study

Denise wrote Flicker Bible Study with Noel to help people surface and nourish their desire to get to know God by reading the Bible.

What Kind of Person is Jesus? (num 1) What Kind of Person is Jesus? (num 2) What Kind of Person is Jesus? (num 3)

She also wrote What Kind of Person is Jesus? (volumes 1, 2, and 3) with Noel to help people get to know Jesus by Flickering Bible passages and identifying how trustworthy a person He is.

Dr. Denise was also a regular columnist for The Sun newspaper in Seal Beach and has been quoted by other Southern California newspaper columnists.


Appearing on an Hour with Dr. Stewart

Dr. Denise was the Graduation Speaker for High School and the Baccalaureate Speaker for College. As a Speech Major in Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, she won 2nd place in the National Intercollegiate Speech Tournament for Persuasive Speech.

She was featured in the hour long cable television show, An Hour with Dr. Stewart and was interviewed on the topic, The Tension between Christianity and Psychology.

She has been the featured speaker at Mother-Daughter Teas, Women's Teas, Seminars on special topics ("How you Think Affects How you Feel," "Forgiveness," "Anger," "Parenting"), and customized training for lay counselors.

Currently, she spends most of her time speaking to the Wave Study Bible® ministry groups with Dr. Noel.

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