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JAVA Jump Start


JAVA Jump Start

JAVA Jump Start: A Beginner's Guide to Internet Programming, by Noel Enete, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1997, 492 pages with CD.

Description: This introduction to programming in JAVA is like nothing you've seen before. Because it will help you to learn the way you're meant to learn -- step-by-step. The strategy is simple. Each topic begins with a detailed explanation and is supported by short, working JAVA programs. You'll begin with the basics and then move on to a more complete treatment of standard and advanced JAVA topics including how to build your own Web server.

Audience: The topics are focused toward a person who can program in one other programming language.

Table of Contents:

  • Part I: Getting Oriented to Java
    • Introduction
    • Having Fun with Java
    • Having More Fun with Java
    • Passing Data to Programs
    • Exploring System Capabilities
    • Launching Java Services
    • Touching Java Windows
    • Animation

  • Part II: Getting Comfortable with Java
    • User Input
    • Buttons and Things
    • Layout Managers
    • Standalone Windows
    • Sound
    • File I/O

  • Part III: Implementing Client/Server in Java
    • Sockets and a Simple Server
    • A Simple Web Server
    • A Web Server for Client/Server Programming
    • The CaffeineCafe

  • Appendix
    • How Do I ...
    • Introduction to the World Wide Web
    • Introduction to Java's Virtual Machine
    • How to Parse a Java Class File
    • Enete Utilities
    • Java Resources

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