Noel Enete
Dr. Noel

My last name -- Enete -- is unusual and sometimes difficult to pronounce. Three out of the five letters are vowels. The name is pronounced -- eee NET. My interests have led me through a variety of fields.


In programming, my specialty is distributed processing (since 1981).

In in TRW I was responsible for the middleware that connected PC and Mainframe portions of various applications. For ParcPlace - Digitalk I worked on a distributed Smalltalk system.

For America Online I was a Chief Architect and built AolRadio (a real-time client/server radio broadcast system), scaled the server infrastructure for the American Greetings backend, and invented and lead a team to build Video Messenger -- a massively scaled video superset of Instant Messaging that is used by 500,000 people each day. For a time AOL loaned me out to Caltech to productionalize a computer vision system for them.

Since 2006 all my programming activity has been dedicated to the Wave Study Bible® project.


I really enjoy writing. It provides me with a pure opportunity to explain a concept. There is no greater challenge than to fan the flame of a person's desire to learn, without extinguishing it. Here are the things I have written.

My writing activity is currently dedicated to the Wave Study Bible® ministry that Denise and I started.


The focus of my Bachelors and Masters education was Bible Exegesis in the original languages (Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic). I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1980 with a Th.M. in Hebrew Exegesis.

I am on the Expert Advisory Board for the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM), an extension of the ministry of Dallas Theological Seminary.

I have taught several Bible and Theology courses at Dallas Bible College. Currently, I am writing programs that support the Bible study process. My challenge is to help the English Bible student learn the bounds of meaning that the original language allows, without requiring them to invest the years that it takes to become expert in Greek or Hebrew.

I have captured some of my work in my Nuggets from the Bible:

My Bible Bible teaching energy is currently dedicated to the Wave Study Bible® ministry that Denise and I started.


I have offered courses on the college level in the following subjects: Bible and Theology, introductory computer concepts, Java programming, and classical guitar. Most recently, I have been teaching Java programming at UC Irvine Extension.

My Doctoral work was in the field of Education. In 2002 I graduated from Newport University with a Doctor of Education degree specializing in Internet-based training systems. As part of the program, I constructed a CGI based WebSchool that delivered programmed instruction to learners over the Internet.

My teaching energy is currently dedicated to the Wave Study Bible® ministry that Denise and I started.


I began playing the guitar when I was in 8th grade. I went through electric and folk styles before I settled on the classical guitar style.

When I was in college, I taught classical guitar and arranging as member of the music faculty of the college. I also had 40 students in town. The highlight of my guitar study was when I was a performer in a master class conducted by one of Spain's Royal Family of Classical Guitar -- Pepe Romero. Over the course of a week, the other 5 performers and I played to an audience of 60 people and received valuable pointers from the master.

While I study the classical repertoire, my passion is to arrange hymns and other Christian music for the classical guitar. I have added about 50 hymns to the meager body of Christian literature for the classical guitar.

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