Noel Enete
New Testament Greek
Alphabet Section 5

The last group of letters is a collection of Greek only letters. The first three sound similar to each other. The last one is distinctive and easy to remember as the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
  1. phi
  2. chi
  3. psi
  4. omega

Phi pronunciation

This letter has the same sound as the English letter f. It will take some memory to associate the shape with the sound.
  • Pronounciation: like the ph in phosphorus
  • Transliteration: ph

Figure 1: Phi

Chi pronunciation

This looks like the English letter X but it has the sound of the ch in charismatic. It is the letter that begins the Greek word for grace -- charis.
  • Pronounciation: like the ch in charismatic
  • Transliteration: ch

Figure 2: Chi

Psi pronunciation

This is the letter that begins the word psyche (soul) from which we get the word psychology (study of the soul).
  • Pronounciation: like the ps in psychology
  • Transliteration: ps

Figure 3: Psi

Omega pronunciation

Jesus said He was the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. This letter is the last letter of the alphabet. It is pronounced with a long o sound.
  • Pronounciation: like the o in bone
  • Transliteration: o with a short horizontal line over it

Figure 4: Omega

by Noel Enete . . . . . .