Noel Enete

Revision History:

11/27/01 NDE 1.23: Special edition of nuggets for a JAVATime class.

09/07/01 NDE 1.22: Consolidated and reworked the organization of the nuggets. Added JavaTelnet, OrderedCollections, BrowseFile. Fixed dump to read a small chunk at a time rather than the whole file. Reworked GenApplication and GenApplet several times to refine how they worked across Windows and Unix. Consolidated the HowDoI page into the index web page. Added the JAVATime course.

10/05/99 NDE 1.21: Fixed GenAppletMVC to use CRLF for all the text files, use // line comments, and generate the windows bat files when running on Linux. Added -doc option on GenApplet and GenApplication to generate fully commented source ready for JavaDoc.

09/02/99 NDE 1.20: Added the JavaTime course pages and the JumpStart section.

06/04/99 NDE 1.01: Added v1.02 EventApplet. Added Vector2Array example.

02/22/99 NDE 1.00: Created the nuggets for java.

by Noel Enete . . . . . .