Noel Enete

Revision History:

07/21/99 NDE 1.20: Removed some missleading text in example 3 (it said that the client would launch a graphical applet). Put in a caution on example 3 that both machines must be on the same subnet. Updated instructions on how to get binaries. Added Linux scripts for all the exercises and the JSort. Reworked the r1,r2,r3 startup scripts to put them in their own directory (./examples/StartJini) and moved the webserver startup to each server-side directory with an r1.bat script file. Put all of the Jini startup in its own directory (examples/StartJini). Made it so you don't have to recompile if you switch from one example to another -- the .class files do not need to get copied to Jini's lib directory any more, the webserver runs in the server-side directory. Added Linux instructions for getting the JDK and Jini.

05/05/99 NDE 1.13: Implemented Gerhard Pratl's suggestions in the bat files to remove the need to set a classpath in environment variables and removed the need to have the YENTER.IPT file in each directory. His suggestions also removed the NT specific 'rd' command when removing the RMI and reggie log directories. Thanks Gerhard. Removed r?.bat from all the directories except JiniExample1. All other example summaries say to start Jini from JiniExample1. Reworked JiniExample2 applet so it receives a handle to the service during instantiation so it doesn't have to ask Jini to locate the service. Added instructions and .bat files to JiniExample3 to run the client and server on two different machines. Added a new example, JiniExample4, to demonstrate a Jini service that does not use RMI to communicate with the server. Removed the redundant "Serializable" implementation from MyServer.

04/15/99 NDE 1.12: Added the releaseBlock() and returnBlock() methods to JSort to enhance network performance and wrote brief explanations for how to use JSort. Finished off JiniExample3.

03/24/99 NDE 1.11: Added a tools section and added JSort service for virtual sorts of string data records. Added a generalized way to identify the base directory for JiniExample1, JiniExample2, LookupLocatorExample, LookupDiscoveryExample. Added JiniExample3 to demonstrate dynamic searches for the lookup service. Example3 is not done. This version was only delivered to Sun.

02/18/99 NDE 1.10: Made the adjustments for JDK 1.2 FCS and Jini 1.0 FCS. Changed example 2 to register the Applet user interface as an attribute of the service rather than a new service. Added explanations for using Jini on a machine that is not currently plugged into a network. Added a section (with pictures) summarizing what Jini is and how it works. Added a section for basic Jini classes. Added examples and explanations for LookupLocator, LookupDiscovery, DiscoveryListener, and DiscoveryEvent.

Added instructions to move the webserver files to the webserver directory for those that try and run the examples before compiling them. Added cautions about these examples having bat files with /NT dependencies.

12/06/98 NDE 1.01: Changed the log destination in JiniExample2\r3.bat, JiniExample2\server-side\r.bat, and JiniExample2\client-side\r.bat. Began work on JiniExample3. Added a display of r1-r3.bat files in JiniExample1Summary.html. Added a close to the input file stream for BrowseFileApplet so editors could update the files that the applet was displaying in the browser.

11/28/98 NDE 1.00: Created Nuggets for Jini.

by Noel Enete . . . . . .