Noel Enete

Revision History:

07/27/02 NDE 0.0.5: Added CaptureMovie. Reorganized all the documentation links to make them easier to use.

07/19/02 NDE 0.0.4: Renamed the CreateMovie to CreateTransparentMovie and started reducing the complexity of CreateMovie. Added documentation links to Ice Floe and to QT callback functions. Added a new example, CaptureMovie. Added the windows version of InitQT.

07/07/02 NDE 0.0.3: Added numerous documentation links. Added code in CreateMovie to mimic Tim Monroe's example. Added a Java program to dump a quicktime file. Got CreateMovie to generate a movie in which Ice Flow is gradually appearing.

07/01/02 NDE 0.0.2: Added PlayAsciiMovie and started on CreateMovie. Added a documentation section on the main index page and placed links to all the quicktime related function indexes.

06/21/02 NDE 0.0.1: Created Nuggets.

by Dr. Noel Enete . . . . . .